Bearfoot FX Model Hs Distortion

by BearFoot FX

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  • Bearfoot FX Model Hs Distortion

    The Model Hs is HERE!

    For those who love our Model H (3-Knob and 4-Knob), there’s a new “H” in town…and it does all the high gain the others do plus MORE.
    For example, the “s” in “Hs” stands for “sparkle” if THAT gives you any ideas as to what this pedal is capable of doing!

    It also offers plenty of clean to speaker-like compression…and some great pick pressure stuff! If you ever wanted your Model H
    to give you some low gain, more overall headroom, and even MORE amp-like tones (amongst other things), the Model Hs has it!

    Initial Comments/Reviews From TGP

    “Just got mine today, and it’s amazing! It’s crazy, it makes my little 112 combo sound like a full stack and It’s got this wall rattling thickness that I’ve never experienced in a pedal before. Also excels at low gain, with all that same thickness but with so much clarity and note separation. Great stacker too, it really loves the EGDM and Honey Bee!” ~ February 2015 (USA)

    “The thickness coupled with the clarity and note separation is what’s so amazing to me, amongst other characteristics. It’s now like you CAN have it all! It just jumps out at you whether set at low, medium or high gain…and it does all 3 extremely well. With all that thickness, it’s never too bass-heavy/woofy as some other dirt pedals I’ve tried. It just seems so balanced at nearly any setting…I obviously compared it to my beloved 3 and 4-knobbers, and it out-shined both in the headroom and clarity departments by miles…at either setting (5th knob), but especially with the 5th knob at the 6:00 (right) position. But that’s not to say I’m dumping the others. Although the MHs can produce some radical high gain with the 5th knob at 7:00 (left), there’s just an iota of what the others do that’s missing for me. Keep in mind…this is coming from someone who owns one 3-knobber and 2 4-knobbers because they’re all voiced slightly differently IMO. For most, the MHs will rival the other 2 easily in the high gain department and I think most will prefer it over the other 2. There’s just something about the others…or maybe I just can’t get enough of any Model H!” ~ February 2015 (USA)

    “Unpackaged my Hs two days ago and tested it.
    VERDICT: Brilliant! I love it.
    A great range from some simple push and spank, through blues, all the way up to screaming rock. Hello!

    It definitely has a happy home here with me. I tested at the regular 9v using my ’95 Fender Deluxe Strat Plus (American) modded with Fralin Vintage Hots and a Resonari brass tone block into my modded/optimized DeVille, loaded with JJ’s.

    Clean and quiet operation was the first thing I noticed. Thank God for that. I’ve had more than my fill of noisy pedals. This one was silent as a church mouse but resplendent with some balls-out power at the ready.

    I left the settings at noon and noodled with the Drive first. Love how it goes from invisible to angry. The Headroom switch kicks that anger into fury so I had some fun in that playground. After that, I explored the other knobs in various combinations. I really appreciate the tonal profiles proffered by the Treble knob; I agree with others who commented on the H model, that it reacts more like an adjustment of mic placement than it does a standard treble adjustment. I play predominantly single coils anyway. Treble is never far away for me if I want it and I certainly don’t need more.

    No matter where I had it set, the Hs was very articulate with complex (but even) harmonic overtones. This is doubtlessly attributable to the tube-like compression Bearfoot was after. I have one of the best stompbox compressors you can get and I never had the slightest urge to kick it on.

    I am not sure where in my pedal chain the ‘Hs’ will go best yet; I still have to experiment some more. I know it will be a mainstay though. It has motivated me to sell a few dirt pedals that I have been sitting on the fence with too. No need for them now that I have this pedal…Well worth the wait Don and crew! Well done!” ~ February 2015 (Dominion of Manitoba)

    “…Fell in love with the MH3k as soon as I got it and has never left my board until now, touch-sensitive, responds to volume really well and the only thing I wanted for it to change was a bit more control on the highs. Now the Model Hs just hits everything just right, love the Treble knob, it adds just the right amount of tweaking of highs plus the gain range knob is a totally a welcome addition. Currently I have it set on the lower side but have my gain knob around 3 o’clock, which is still plenty of gain and use my guitar’s volume to move around the gain range. I even think this has a bit more gain than the MH3k, and the clarity at high gain is bliss. Worth every penny. Thanks Donner!” ~ February 2015 (USA)

    “My favorite? That’s a pretty easy one. The Model Hs reigns supreme of these 3 [MHs, 3BOD, SYOD3] to me, and for a couple reasons. I’ll let my reviews do the in-depth explanations, but the Model Hs nails that modern distortion that is prevalent in pop rock; but the best part of it is – the pedal is crazy quiet from a noise standpoint! I don’t know what hocus pocus Donner and Bjorn packed into the gating of this pedal or whatever else, but the noise was very quiet, and the sustain and feedback from this pedal came out in spades!” ~ February 2015 (USA)

    “…The Model Hs was a revelation though. What a pedal! It has a very balanced tone. The bass is rich but never flabby. The highs were bright, but never icepicky. I loved the midrange on this! This pedal sounds beautifully articulate. It really does impart a Hiwatt vibe on your amp. I really liked this pedal for the type of music I’m playing now. I’ve been struggling with my drive tones for a while now, and this pedal just clicked all of the right boxes for me.” ~ February 2015 (USA)

    Bearfoot FX Model Hs Distortion Features:

    • The "s" in "Hs" stands for sparkle
    • Plenty of clean to speaker-like compression
    • More headroom
    • Amp-like tones
    • Rugged construction
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