Prymaxe Easter Egg Hunt!

ALL EGGS HAVE BEEN FOUND! Congratulations to our winners!

The Easter Bunny has visited Prymaxe and left eggs hidden on random product images throughout the site!
Find an egg to win a prize!

Find the green egg and win an Electro-Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff! FOUND - Congrats, Kenny!
Find the orange egg and win an Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi! FOUND - Congrats, Josh!
Find the yellow egg and win a Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive! FOUND - Congrats, Austin!
Find the white egg and win a TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini! FOUND - Congrats, Travis!
Find the black egg and win a Mooer Radar Speaker Simulator! FOUND - Congrats, Nathan!
Find the pink (FOUND - Congrats, Andy!), purple (FOUND - congrats, Ryan!), or blue (FOUND - Congrats, Sedat!) egg and win one of three Accessory packs! (2 packs of your choice of Ernie Ball slinkys, two packs of your choice of Dunlop Tortex picks, and 4 Fender custom shop patch cables in your choice of yellow or black tweed!)
The eggs will be located on the bottom right corner of a random product photo on our site. They will not be on the main/thumbnail photo, so you must actually click on random products and look at all the pictures to find the eggs.
Here is an example of what a product photo with a hidden egg looks like (and please, don't send us an email that you found the orange egg and then link to this page -- this is just an example!):
1. Only one egg/prize per person.
2. You can only win the prize that corresponds to the egg you found's color. No prize swapping.
3. You must email (chats/phone calls do not count!) with a link to the product you found the egg on. The first person to email us each egg wins that prize, so please note you may find an egg but the prize may have already been claimed.
4. International customers must pay shipping.
    Have fun, and good luck!