60 Day Price Match Guarantee: No one beats a Prymaxe deal and we will never lose a sale due to price. If another authorized dealer has the product you’re looking for listed for less we’ll beat that price, no questions asked! After the sale you are guaranteed to have the lowest listed price on the internet for 60 days. Contact us and you’re sure to save some serious cash!

Other reasons to shop at Prymaxe.com:

 Satisfaction Guaranteed: We offer a WORLDWIDE 60-day satisfaction guarantee for all pedal purchases, and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all  guitar  and  amplifier  purchases.  During  the above  stated  guarantee period you can return your order and receive a FULL refund. This industry- leading return policy is just another reason why Prymaxe is the leader in online retailing and the go-to shop for all of your gear needs.

Same Day Shipping: All orders ship the same business day if ordered before 3pm eastern. If you missed our 3pm cutoff don't worry; your order is guaranteed to ship within 24 hours.
*We do not ship Saturday or Sunday

Professional Packaging: We’ve sent over 100,000 packages all around the world and pack each order with the buyers best interests in mind. All orders are professionally packaged with new shipping materials and triple checked to ensure safety.

Demo Videos: Our in-depth video product demonstrations bring our showroom in to your living room. To thoroughly show what a product can do, we demonstrate it in both a live band situation and by itself in full HD quality. These demos are an invaluable resource while searching for the perfect piece of gear that will flawlessly work with your setup.

Extended 1 Year Warranty: You’re covered with our 1-year extended warranty that adds an extra year of protection to the standard manufacturers warranty for FREE! If anything goes wrong know we are here to help and will get you back up and running quickly and efficiently.

Lifetime Product Support: When you buy from Prymaxe, we are here to help you for life. Even once our extended warranty expires we will gladly answer any questions or help troubleshoot any issues.

International Customer Care: We love and truly appreciate all of our International customers. All of our international shipments are fully insured and are guaranteed to be delivered or your money back. We offer a variety of shipping options for you to choose from and if for any reason there is an issue with your order we will make it right, that is our promise you. Also, we are here to assist you with any special requests you may have and offer special bulk pricing for larger orders. Contact us to get a quote.

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